New Challenge Discovery

Responsible and solidary ecotours in Bokeo (Northern Laos Province)


We are a locally owned and run adventure trekking company in Huay Xai, Northern Laos who would like to invite YOU to experience the best that Bokeo province has to offer in its exhilarating natural beauty, whilst providing a much needed benefit to the community in educational and environmental initiatives!


New Challenge Discovery offers kayaking and trekking tours in and around the world famous Mekong River as it winds its way through the Bokeo Province of Northern Laos.

Our aim is to provide unforgettable experiences for our guests while raising funds for local community projects such as providing schooling to children in rural villages, building libraries, providing English lessons, and donating school materials to existing schools in the area.

Our future aim is also to reforest the jungle, plant young trees, and educate local village people with basic knowledge of how to preserve the forest for future generations.


We have 3 new FeelFree kayaks that are available for 1 and 2 day excursions down the famous Mekong and Ngao Rivers. This gives our guests the opportunity to select from easy, relaxed days paddling through Lao's beautiful tropical jungles or adrenaline-pumping whitewater kayaking not for the faint of heart!


We offer a style of trekking that will immerse you in the heart of the jungle like no other experience can. Follow our experienced local guides and learn the history and culture of the region while keeping an eye out for acrobatic gibbons, charismatic birdlife, and dazzling native flora! This is no luxury getaway—be prepared to get sweaty and work for your dinner in our REAL trekking adventures, eating local foods and sleeping in the deep jungle.


Our mission is to use this business to help develop the education of the children of Bokeo province by providing our customers with unique and fun experiences and funneling income generated into local programs run by local people. Only through education can we ensure that our children have a bright future and make positive decisions for our community and our planet!

We buy books and other learning materials for children while also providing opportunities for our guests to become directly involved by delivering English classes. This experience is often described as the most fun aspect of our tours, providing vital education and role-modeling for our young people!

We are also working on projects aimed at empowering rural and indigenous peoples of this region to restore and protect tropical ecosystems in and around Huay Xai, and to reverse the effects of deforestation caused by irresponsible foreign developers.

We primarily raise funds through our eco-tours, however we also encourage our guests to donate if they are able. As we are a small grassroots organisation, all of the funds go directly to our projects and are not wasted on bureaucracy. Please consider a donation to help us empower and educate the rural people of this beautiful land!


PO Box 298

Ban Houay Xai Neua

Bokeo Province, Laos

Phone: +856-305-209-858